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SeeedStudio 4x4x4 LED cube and Rainboduino

Overview The Seeed Studio Rainbow Cube Kit is a 4x4x4 RGB LED kit with 64 tri-color LEDs for a total 192 connections. The kit comes with professionally designed components. A connector on the bottom of the kit is designed to mate up with the Seeed Studio Rainboduino which contains all of the drivers and connections needed to control an 8x8 tri-color LED array.  The LED cube comes nicely packaged with no installation instructions, schematics or hints.   The LED Cube does have it's own wiki page , which is probably the worst wiki page on the planet with no schematics, theory of operation or description of what kind of line driving is required by controller board. The LED cube wiki does contain a link to a slick Rainbowduino driver program. Assembly instructions are available on the Seeed Studio site. Robotshop has done an instructable and has the assembly instructions on their site. The Rainboduino is an Arduino clone specifically designed for LED contr