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Monitoring Windows Server 2012 performance running in a Hyper-V virtual lab

I have a lab environment of 5 machines, one AD/DNS/Manager and 4 Hyper-V virtual machines.    I want to be able to monitor the performance of the various hosts under different conditions to see where I've run out of resources. There are two major components to the monitoring.  The first is the performance counters  on each monitored machine. These act as the source of performance information. The second is a monitoring console. That console can either be one that displays all information or can be one that displays information only when performance numbers fall outside some criteria. Windows Server Manager Performance View The Windows Server Manager  displays performance information for out-of-bounds situations where the values coming off of a machine are outside of some specified range.  Server Manager monitors as many machines as you want from its' All Servers  page. Select the servers that you want to monitor in the Servers  pane of any non-dashboard screen in Ser