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Use Excel for mass Azure DevOps Work Item updates

One of my favorite features of Azure DevOps is its ability to integrate Work Item updates with Office Excel.  This means you can run any canned ADO query from Excel, update the retrieved work items and then publish the updates back to ADO all from inside Excel.   Microsoft Guidance See the following pages Install Azure DevOps Automation Download and install Microsoft Office Integration tools by installing 2019 dev-ops automation   This installs a TFSProtocolHelper that ADO can use to open Query results in Excel Create an ADO query that will execute and fill Excel Click on the Queries  in the Boards Menu Create a Query and save it to create a named query I tend to create two-tier queries for Features  first-level children, usually  User Stories .  This let

Taking action when People Identify Problems

We run across issues or find problems every day. Some of them can be handled immediately or in an ad-hoc manner. We need some standard framework for investigating and solving larger or more complicated problems. There are different schools of thought on how people bring problems and when and who should do the solutioning . Just problems or problems that need solving We want to create expectations about how action will be take when a problem is found. Our best teammates raise issues or expose problems in order to try and improve the situation.  This discussion is around this group.    Other people raise issues or find problems as a way of delaying action or describing why things can't be done. They don't really intend to solve the problem. We will withhold further comments for another time. Organizational Failure. Some management don't want to acknowledge problems.  They don't want expos