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Silent Disco style conference breakout sessions with AWS

AWS provided a great session experience for the AWS Public Sector Summit breakout sessions. All the breakout sessions for the 2019 AWS Public Sector summit ran simultaneously in the same room Silent Disco  style.  There was no in-room PA system. Speakers were mic'd into a multi-channel broadcast system.  Attendees wore individual headsets tuned to the talk of their choice. Attendees were provided with multi-channel headsets that could be tuned to any of the talks.  Each talk was on a different color.  Each headset had independent volume and channel controls that could be set by the listener. This picture shows 2/5 of the simultaneous talks.  You cannot really see it but the the earpiece colors are different for these two talks. This picture shows people listening to three different stages.  It is hard to tell here so you'll have to take my word for it.