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How TFS 2013 Calculates Story points for Velocity Graphs

TFS 2013 grafts Agile on top of their traditional task model.  The TFS web interface is significantly more functional than previous iterations. Sprint-to-Sprint Velocity TFS Scrum and Agile templates automatically calculate per sprint velocity  based on the  Story Points of User Stories with the current iteration path. Setting the Iteration Path essentially commits  the team to the User Story for that sprint. The following diagram shows the number of story points for User Stories committed to over the last 5 sprints. Green represents story points for C ompleted stories Blue represents  story points for Active  stories.  Previous stories can have some blue if stories were left open at the end of previous tasks. TFS Story Point Calculation Commitment Issues Teams commit  to certain stories in the sprint by putting them in the sprint Iteration Path.  They base the number of committed stories the sum of the story points for those stories. Many teams commit to User Storie