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Aruino + Servo + Ikea Dekad = Freemometer

After some group success with the Continuous Integration build lights, I wanted an "extreme feedback"  way to graphically show our production traffic either through transaction metrics or through server utilization. People understand gauges and alarms so I wanted to incorporate both of those features into some type of device. The end result is a USB controlled dial gauge with real alarm bells and a single red/green LED status light. The total build cost about $53. It contains a text command console that accepts ASCII strings over the COM port.  The command console extends control over the LED, the servo motor and the bell motor to the connected host.  Hardware Design I know how to do the basic electronics but nice packaging has always been a problem. Ikea came to the rescue here with the $7.00 Dekad alarm clock with a metal case and alarm bells with an external hammer. The case is pretty good size was originally made for their wind up clock. It is we