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Examining how NServiceBus configures and uses RabbitMQ / AMQP

NServiceBus acts as a .Net (C#) distributed messaging abstraction layer for message-driven systems.  It runs on top of a variety of transports including MSMQ, Azure Storage Queues, ActiveMQ on RabbitMQ.  This blog describes how NServiceBus configures and uses RabbitMQ using the Video Store Sample program available in the NServiceBus github repository   . It looks like the images attached to this article have been removed from the google image store Background Message-driven systems are asynchronous distributed systems that have two main message concepts, at least in our project. They have commands, targeted messages, where the sender knows the intended destination. The producer sends the messages to a target. They also have publish/subscribe or event-based messages where the sender target is unknown. The sender posts the event which is then received by parties that have registered interest, and subscribed. Producers: Programs that send messages or post events  Consumers: