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Rasberry Pi, Z-Wave and Domoticz: Setup Part 2

This article is about using Z-Wave with a Raspberry Pi.  Z-Wave and ZigBee are the two big wireless players in the Home Automation automation market.  A single z-wave wireless controller can communicate with a large number of devices.  These devices include outlet switches, power meters, alarm sensors, remote controlled light bulbs and other accessories. The USB stick on the left is a Z-Wave Z-Stick S2 that acts as an interface between a computer and a network of wireless devices. It can be controlled via COTS software open source libraries like openzwave .  The outlet on the right is a Z-Wave wireless controlled outlet that reports back power consumption and state. I received this controller / switch pair at the Microsoft Build conference a couple years back.  They were one of the "prizes" you could buy when you earned conference credits for running through the labs.  I really had no idea what they were for a couple years until I took the time to do some research. Th

Maven Lifecycle Phases - Fitting in Code Analysis and Other Tools

The build management portion of Maven operates on a type of Template Pattern. Maven moves from lifecycle-phase to lifecycle-phase until there a step failure or until all steps are complete. The following diagram lists the build lifecycle phases. The orange squares represent the main targets that people run. Every phase is executed starting with Validate until the requested end phase is reached. For example "mvn validate"  runs just the Validate  phase. " mvn compile" runs Validate, Initialize, Generate Sources, Process Sources, Generate Resources, Process Resources and Compile. Each Maven Plugin  executes with in a phase. The Surefire  unit test plugin, as an example, typically runs the tests in the Test  phase.  This means that unit tests don't run if Validation, Compilation, class processing or any of the other preceding phases run with errors. Maven plugins can execute in their default phase or in any phase of your choosing.  Lifecycle phase