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Upgrade your laptop padding with an old mousepad.

I have a backpack that I love except for the bottom-of-the-bag laptop protection. The laptop slots in some backpacks end before the bottom of the bag. My laptop sits on the bottom of the bag and I just don't trust the padding. Old swag mouse pads make good extra padding. They are often a thick neoprene with material glued to one side. The thicker the neoprene the better the cushion. I just stuff my mouse pad down into the bottom of the backpack with the material side up. That puts the material side of the pad against my laptop when I slide it down into the fold. It doesn't have perfect corner coverage but it has saved me a few times.   Slide the laptop into the folded mousepad. It only protects the laptop if the laptop is wrapped by the mouse pad.   Use a mouse pad at the bottom of the laptop compartment. The laptop slides into the fold Get a better backpack? You can always get a backpack that holds the laptop off the bottom of the bag.  It provides more protection.  I t

Remove Windows executables from your WSL Linux path

Windows and WSL interoperability is fantastic but sometimes you end up with unintended side effects.  When coding I like to have specific tools and configurations for each environment.  Otherwise, I can get pathing or other problems.   Why is it complaining about a '\r' character when I'm running Linux?  It is because some Linux tools and Windows files collide with each other. With that in mind, you may wish to remove the Windows executables from your Linux $PATH.  There are two ways to configure the WSL to not import the Windows $PATH. You can disable or enable it on a per WSL instance basis.  You can globally configure WSL so that the PATHbehavior is the same for all WSL instances you have configured. Configuring individual WSL instances with wsl.conf Each individual WSL instance looks in its own configuration file   /etc/wsl.conf  that may not be created by default in your WSL instance. 1. Edit the existing /etc/wsl.conf .  Create a new wsl.conf  file in /etc if one does