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Behavior Driven Acceptance Criteria for Features, User Stories and Tests

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is an evolutionary outcome of  Test Driven Development (TDD) and Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD). BDD focuses on business values and is designed to remind everyone that business outcomes are the top priority. Drive repeated iteration around the desired business outcomes. Projects can often get distracted and drift away from the desired functions. Think “from the outside in”. Focus on the behavior that directly targets the desired business outcomes. Do not start inside a system or with a discussion on how tools can be used. Use a standard notation for describing behaviors and acceptance criteria. Select a form that can be understood by Subject Matter Experts and delivery. Some teams pick a syntax that is friendly to automated test tools. Apply these techniques at the top, working down into the different

Why do internet sites trust that they know who we are talking to or who they are talking about?

We're flooded with data.  Customers and fraudsters have the ability to submit data, purchase services or products, and interact with corporate edge systems.  Every transaction should be wrapped with the following questions. Who are we talking to?  What is the risk if we don't know? Who are we talking about?   What is the risk if we tie it to someone we already know about? What is the risk of poisoning other data? Be skeptical my friend. Video Presentation Presentation Content Speakers notes will be added later