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You can always make use of more date and time information in modern systems

Capture as much temporal information as you can in today's Information Systems.  Storage is cheap and there always seems to be a need to understand just a bit more about what happened and when it happened.   Make sure you do not lose time data when streaming data into aggregating stores or other down-stream systems. Add event and activity information at every stage and as part of every process.  Video This talk walks through different areas that you may wish to think about. Talk Notes <not yet captured>

Use a USB audio adapter and cellular style headset for more reliable conference audio

My pitch here is that you should find a good wired headset for corporate videoconferencing.  It is embarrassing when you waste people's time because your mic doesn't work, your wireless set ran out of battery power or someone wrings you on your multi-paired device and it switches you out of your meeting. Watch the YouTube video! There are a bunch of different microphone speaker combinations you can use when in your many video meetings. We all want comfort and convenience without the hassle of microphone malfunctions. I like the wireless experience but tend to use a wired setup if I have back to back sessions or am involved in more than 4 hours of sessions per day. They are super reliable and inexpensive compared to many wireless solutions. It seems like people with wireless headsets have to do more fiddling with their sound settings. Inexpensive  USB / headphone adapters Computer speaker jacks are often missing the extra connector for an integrated microphone. This means we nee

Submerged power centers in corporations

Understanding the unofficial power centers and the embedded interests in an organization can you understand why things work the way they do in a corporation.  It can also help you understand why certain organizational changes succeed or fail and why corporations flip back and forth between two different organizational structures. This blog page is really just the blog home  for a YouTube video and will be eventually fleshed out as speaker notes. Power Center Matrix Cross Communication is good Cross business unit communication is good Communicating outside the vertical leverages the work of others Cross org power plays may not be as good Organizational power plays Geographical alignment Technical or Vendor allegiance Culture and Group / Patron affinity Sub-surface Influence: <to be documented>  Technical or Ve