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Digital Thermometer with TI Lanchpad MSP430 and Sparkfun breakout board for Nokia 5110 LCD

The TI Launchpad  comes with a demonstration program that reports the current temperature of the on chip die back to a connected computer over the Launchpad's Serial/USB bridge.  The code is written in Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio (CCS).  CCS is a nice development environment but assumes a certain level of technical expertise not required when getting started with other environments. The LaunchPad Experimenter's Guide provides a schematic for the board. The folks on the Energia project on github (  ) project have created a Arduino like development environment for the MSP 430.  Their libraries hide the register manipulation details from the developer though knowing those details is important when tuning the power tuning and performance of the MSP 430 CPUs.  The Energia project has a sample thermometer program that displays the current temperature on an the Nokia 5110 LCD display. Source is located on their github repository  but d