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BDD with SpecFlow - Features Scenarios Steps and Contexts

SpecFlow is a tool that bridges the gap between business-level behavior specification and the technical implementations of automated testing. SpecFlow is an acceptance criteria definition and testing tool that makes it easier to integrate Behavior Driven Specifications into software projects earlier, in a shift-left fashion. Business value is defined and modeled as Business Features. Those features are built from more granular components, often called User Stories.  The Feature and User Stories contain sets of Acceptance Criteria that represent the target state for the Feature. The Feature is the top-level construct in Specflow/BDD. Gherkin Business Features are made up of a set of Scenarios.   Each Scenario represents one or more acceptance criteria.  Each SCenario is validated as a single automated unit test or a parameter-driven unit test with a list of parameter sets.  One or more features and their associated scenarios define the criteria needed