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Flutter mobile - certificate and SSL exclusions for development domains

Flutter mobile development gets twisty when working behind corporate firewalls and with self-signed development certificates. We look at a bit of code that can be used in debug builds that sets the emulator/simulator proxies and disables cert checks.   Example Code See  fs-dart-tools on GitHub  for the latest versions of this code. You can use this sample code wrapped in an `if (isKDebug)` when running Flutter on mobile.  It lets you exclude your self-signed certificates for your internal domains while leaving certificate checks enabled for production and external domains.  The code also sets the proxy when running in the Android Emulator or the iOS Simulator.  Setting the proxy is optional, enabled when you pass in the proxy port.   import 'dart:io' ; /// /// Ignores certificates in developermode for limited set of domains /// Simplifies development in corporate self signed environment /// Configures the emulator or simulator proxy if passed proxy port. /// Assumes there is

Building your brand - Being visibile in a cross ranking environment

Your personal brand and reputation are the most reliable tools for succeeding and being perceived as succeeding in an organization. A lot of people rely on their nearest manager to do the heavy lifting. That can become a single point of career failure. They may move or be moved. They may not have the personality for ratings combat. A better plan is to help them help you when it comes time for new opportunities, promotions, and compensation.   Cross-group rankings are objective, in theory, but are really a cage match of discussions between management where they put everyone into a pool and rank them against each other.  This means management speaks up about their people to increase perception and question other management about their staff to create doubt about their people's relative position. The best way to come out on top of this is to have strong management and to be visible to others to create familiarity before the process.  This is especially true in environments where the p