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Changing a User Experience with coarse grain Services and Pane level message filtering

  We want to change the UX presented to a user without having to write custom business services for each permutation. Instead, we create mid-grain services and configure different parts of the UI to ignore any service-generated messages that don't apply to that part of the UI. Video Presentation Presentation Content Speakers notes to be added in the future Created 2022 05

When no one is in-person for your in person interview

I interviewed with Capital One in Northern Virginia in 2017 and was the only person in the corporate recruiting center for my in-person interview. Cap One had me drive 45 min to their beautiful McLean headquarters.  They gave me snacks and a drink and put me in a room with a laptop where I did 4 interviews all via zoom. This type of pre-pandemic event happened a lot and can cast doubt on some of the benefits claimed return full-time  return to office (RTO)  benefits. Two of the interviewers were located in Richmond located 2 1/2 hours away from McClean. They weren't going to travel 5 hours for a couple interviews. Capital One is located in 5 buildings in McLean in separate office parks. None of the interviewers that were actually on campus could get to my interview and to their next meeting if they showed up in person. Teams are geographically distributed - They are never in the office together Technology companies create

VMWare Guests - The app window is blank white but the taskbar thumbnail is correct

Ran into a situation recently in a Windows 10 Guest VM running in VMWare. The windows for a single program, Avira, were blank white. The weird part was that the taskbar thumbnail showed the window contents correctly. This felt like a driver error or mismatch. I have no idea which driver, host, or guest, caused the problem or when it occurred. Fix: Disable 3D Graphics Acceleration in the Guest The fix is pretty straightforward. My guest VM settings had "Accelerate 3D graphics" enabled.  Power down the Windows Guest VM. Pull up the VM settings Un-check Accelerate 3D graphcs Click OK Restart the Windows Guest VM

Building Skills - Centralized Expertise - Central Practices - Centers of Excellence/Communities of Practice

This discussion is about what companies can do to upgrade technical skills and implement best practices to increase the quality and capabilities of delivery teams.  It is not discussing project management or cross-team delivery issues. This is mostly built on experience with Software Delivery and Development. The general concepts are probably valid for process teams that require multiple skills. Delivery Team Complexity Software delivery continues to evolve requiring ever-increasing technical expertise as system complexity, system scale, and compliance regulations increase.  Modern applications face continually evolving security threats further increasing the burden on software delivery teams.  Shift Left initiatives increase the accountability and responsibilities of the same delivery teams .    This image shows some of the roles played by delivery teams as part of historical capabilities in addition to those added as part of  You Build It You