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Combining Arduino Ethernet and Adafruit NeoPixel shield to create web controlled LED goodness

Someone asked how hard it would be to swap the NeoPixel shield in place of the LED strip in an earlier Arduino based Web LED control project.  The Embedded web server and LCD panel control chew up a lot of memory so I wasn't sure there was enough program space for the Adafruit NeoPixel library.  It turns out there is just enough space while still retaining some Bonjour functionality.   You can get the source code on GitHub Hardware and Software This project uses the following hardware Arduino Ethernet  I picked mine up at  Microcenter.  They describe this unit  as an Ethernet Shield but it is a full Arduino Ethernet for $49 (as of 2014/06). The Arduino IDE supports this board.  I used version 1.0.5. Adafruit   NeoPixel Shield  is a 5x8 matrix of individually controllable RGB LED.  The software library is available on GitHub .   A simple protoshield with pass-through connectors.  The Ethernet connector is very large and the Neopixel Shield sits right on top of it. I