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Static Analysis from IDE to CI with IntelliJ

Static program analysis  is the  analysis of computer software  that is performed without actually executing programs (analysis performed on executing programs is known as  dynamic analysis ). [1]  In most cases the analysis is performed on some version of the  source code , and in the other cases, some form of the  object code . [2]   Static analysis provides a low cost way of automating code review of certain types of source code errors and standards.  Static code analysis, automated tests and code coverage are staples of the Continuous Integration process replacing manual effort with automation. Full featured IDEs implement their own integrated static analysis and test measurement tools. IntelliJ comes with a comprehensive set of integrated static analysis tools and rules.  It can run the rules in an incremental fashion updating results as code is edited.  Rule violations are immediately reflected in the user interface. CI servers and IDEs each have their own system from runn