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Sales Engineer Guide: Understanding the Motivations of Others

We communicate ideas and attempt to drive decisions with messages, meetings and conversation. We try to sell things, push ideas and get cooperation from others and “make things happen” by driving people to a common understanding. It is tempting to think that “our way” is obvious to people and that they “just don’t get it” when they don’t agree. We should instead put ourselves in the other person's position to see if we really understood the other party’s drivers and decision points. There is only way … to get anybody to do anything. … Yes, just one way. And that is by making the other person want to do it.  Dale Carnegie  How to Win Friends and Influence People I went to a meeting a long time a go with Max . Max created a sheet for every major player that we filled out from that person’s point of view. The sheet had two columns, What’s in it For Me (WiFM) and Does it Threaten Me (DiTM) . You can use “Pros” and “Cons” if WiFM and DiTM make you uncomfortable even though t