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DotNet Core script case sensitivity on Linux systems, like AWS AMI

I recently ran into an issue where I was unable to deploy a DotNet Core 1.0 application in AWS using their CodeStar / CodePipeline / CodeDeploy / CodeBuild tooling.  The REST service started off as a simple demo .Net 1.x ASP.Net that was generated as a demo in AWS CodeStar.  I converted the source code, build and deployment components to DotNet 2.0. It worked great. Problem The service build / deployment broke in AWS when I added Swagger endpoint documentation that included information from C# XML documentation generated and stored an XML file. Startup failed saying they couldn't find the <ServiceName>.xml documenation file. This manifested as a build failure in CodePiepline/CodeDeploy. bin\Release\netcoreapp2.0\TokenService.xml not found Builds ran and deployed fine on my local machine in Debug and Release modes. Cause Microsoft's recommended " dotnet publish " command line may generate conflicting path with csproj files when using manipulating an