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Capture Multi-Cam videos using both cameras simultaneously on an iPhone

I've wanted to record with both cameras while doing a walkthrough or doing video interviews or other purposes but had no idea how to do it. It turns out it is super easy now that Apple added support for multi-cam recording to their more recent iPhones. I used DoubleTake for this video on my iPhone SE to make this video Other programs claim to require X, 11 or, 12 derivatives. DoubleTake supports the Phone SE 2 which has similar CPU power. Multi-cam recording feels like a great tool for Vlogging, interviews or, other purposes. Video Video recorded on an iPhone SE One App I used DoubleTake because it explicitly said it supported the iPhone SE Capture Modes The application saves the recording in .mov files.  I renamed them to .mp4 files and they loaded without issues in my editor. Discrete Each camera recording is saved to its' own track. The sound is recorded into both video tracks. Editing software can manipulate the two video feeds separately.

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