cctray.xml Continuous Integration Build Monitor Update

I've updated the sample Java based build monitoring program to add support for some of the LED feedback lights I've built in the last year.  The program obtains build status from Hudson, Jenkins, Cruise Control and others by parsing the very common cctray.xml format originally provided by Cruise Control.

Code is available on Git Hub .  It was a messy combination of older hacks.  Now it's marginally improved. Configuration happens via properties files instead of with bunches command line arguments.  Properties files provide flexibility to increase the number of configuration parameters for various devices.  The best way to do fix this is  to use Dependency Injection like I did for the C#/Spring.Net TFS build monitor I built last year. In the mean time you can configure the properties file in the tree or create an external one that you pass in on the command line.

Device support includes.

  • Ambient Orb with serial port
  • Arduino Dual RGB discussed in an older blog article controlled via serial port
  • Arduino Ethernet 3-wire LED strip controlled via HTTP POST 
  • Arduino Quint RGB , I2C port enhanced version of the Dual RGB controlled via serial port
  • MSP 430 low cost single light controlled via serial port
  • Seeed Studio 4x4x4 LED cube controlled via serial port

Hopefully I'll get some time in the near future to really turn the crank on improving this code.


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