Viewing all files in OSX Mavericks

I was having a problem with VMWare after my Windows 8.1 upgrade.  Windows 8.1 had no network connectivity.  I ran into the same problem after upgrading a Windows 8 guest to Windows 8.1 on a Windows host.

I wanted to look at my VMWare Fusion configuration for my bootcamp partition.  VMWare stores its information in ~/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines which is normally not visible in the Mac Finder.  There are a bunch of pages on the interweb that describe how to make all directories and files show up in Finder.  Many of them are incorrect for Mavericks which is now case sensitive.  This posting describes how to show all files in Finder.

You can show all files by typing the following in a terminal window

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true
killall Finder

You can go back to the default view by typing the following in a terminal window

defaults delete AppleShowAllFiles
killall Finder


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