Extremely Rough Cut at C# based IOIO Library

I've pushed a very rough C# port of the Java IOIO library to GitHub github.com/freemansoft/IOIODotNet/  It communicates with the IOIO as a COM device over Bluetooth. IOIODotNet is a plain old Windows Library. I tried making it a Portable library but .Net portable libraries to don't support Serial devices.

The library is a mess of pieces-parts right now with some unit tests that show how it works. There is also a WPF app. Tests and the WPF app poll serial ports to find a Bluetooth attached IOIO.

This is a message based API

  • Inbound traffic packed into messages and  routed to inbound handlers. You can add your own or you can poll the ones that exist.
  • Outbound traffic can be sent directly via the API or through a message based API.  I intend that the Message API is the future of the library once resource management has been added.

Look at the Integration tests to play with it. They expect at least one IOIO V5xx on a COM port with pins 31 and 32 tied together.

Last Updated 4/22/2015


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