Submerged power centers in corporations

Understanding the unofficial power centers and the embedded interests in an organization can you understand why things work the way they do in a corporation.  It can also help you understand why certain organizational changes succeed or fail and why corporations flip back and forth between two different organizational structures.

This blog page is really just the blog home for a YouTube video and will be eventually fleshed out as speaker notes.

Power Center Matrix

Cross Communication is good

  • Cross business unit communication is good
  • Communicating outside the vertical leverages the work of others

Cross org power plays may not be as good

  • Organizational power plays
  • Geographical alignment
  • Technical or Vendor allegiance
  • Culture and Group / Patron affinity
    • Sub-surface Influence: <to be documented> 
    • Technical or Vendor Alignment: <to be documented>
    • Behavior and Cultural Bias: <to be documented>

    Example Power Centers

    These power centers are covered in the video

    Power Center Person 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6
    Line of Business
    Retail Bank
    Commercial Bank
    Business Director
    Call Center
    Database Admin
    Washington DC
    New York

    You Tube

    Example Power Centers

    Social Security Mainframers and the death of EA -Y2K and later

    <to be written>

    Database Mafia -1990s

    <to be written>

    Richmond Mafia

    <to be written>

    Paradigm Shifts and Shockwaves


    <to be written> 

    Cloud Computing

    <to be written> 

    Scaffolding for Video published 2020 11 02


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