The AWS IoT EduKit IoT - An M5Stack with a secure element for AWS Integration

AWS and Microsoft have both been busy demonstrating how their clouds are ideal for fleets of IoT devices.  Both introduced their own sample hardware.  The AWS entry is an M5Stack Core2 ESP32 device that comes with I/O, ports, and a certificate store.  Amazon has a couple relatively straightforward examples including a simple "blinking light" program that reacts to cloud messages with lights and that sends regular messages to cloud topics for processing.

I created the video down below to give a quick overview of the steps that make up that sample.

AWS Branded IoT Device

This is the device.  It is an AWS-enhanced version of the standard M5Stack Core2 component.

The Demo Application

The sample program operates on two paths.
  1. It sends a regular message to AWS via MQTT.  The sample tells you how to view that message in the AWS portal.
  2. The sample then shows you how to use the IOT test client to generate test messages that are sent to the EduKit IoT device.  The device can read messages in a specific format and light up the appropriate onboard LEDs.

The Tutorial Flow

This chart shows the steps you take in the sample.  You start on the left and move right.

Watch the video for an explanation of these steps.


A walkthrough of the steps for integrating the IoT sample program with AWS.

Interesting Links

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  • The Device Family M5Stack Core2 ESP32. The stack series
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