Looking for E-Mail recipients from all the wrong places.

Sometimes we need to understand everyone who has been in our email chains across some period of time. We need to collect all the recipients in a group of emails into a form they can be analyzed.

Our program reads a date range of emails from an IMAP mailbox and then
  1. Extracts the Sender, To, CC, BCC, From, Reply-To 
  2. Extracts the message-id and Subject line
  3. Creates a combined list of the unique email addresses from the 6 fields above.
  4. Filters the combined list to remove any trusted addresses or domains.
  5. Writes out a CSV with those 10 fields.

The original purpose of this program was to see if unwanted parties had inserted themselves into any email threads over some period of time.


This simple python program extracts recipient information from mailboxes and writes it to CSV files. The program can also ignore trusted addresses or domains.  

  • https://github.com/freemansoft/email-address-analyzer-python


A quick overview of the program 

Created 2022 02


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