Upgrade your laptop padding with an old mousepad.

I have a backpack that I love except for the bottom-of-the-bag laptop protection. The laptop slots in some backpacks end before the bottom of the bag. My laptop sits on the bottom of the bag and I just don't trust the padding. Old swag mouse pads make good extra padding. They are often a thick neoprene with material glued to one side. The thicker the neoprene the better the cushion. I just stuff my mouse pad down into the bottom of the backpack with the material side up. That puts the material side of the pad against my laptop when I slide it down into the fold. It doesn't have perfect corner coverage but it has saved me a few times.  

Slide the laptop into the folded mousepad. It only protects the laptop if the laptop is wrapped by the mouse pad. 

Use a mouse pad at the bottom of the laptop compartment.

The laptop slides into the fold

Get a better backpack?

You can always get a backpack that holds the laptop off the bottom of the bag.  It provides more protection.  I tend to still stuff a mousepad into those slots also.

Video Demo

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