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Create unique Raspberry Pi host names

Why? Manually naming IOT devices can get pretty tedious.  The following script generates a "unique" host-name based on existing device specific identifiers. The script can generate host-names based on identifiers or retrieve host names from a config file.
Better living through scriptingRun the script as a non privileged user to see the calculated name.Run the script with escalated privilege to change the host-name.
Past the following into a file on your Raspberry Pi. This file is available on GitHub

#!/bin/bash # Created 2018-03-20 # derived from 2017-08-18 # script to set Pi hostname based on MAC (or Serial number) # This script should be run as root (or with sudo) to change names # If run by a user it will report changes, but will NOT implement them # Creates a unique name using the CPUID. This is the as the MAC when one exists # Works for PiB (all models), Pi2, …

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