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Caution: Feed an Open Source Project and it might become yours.

Hear my cautionary tale,

I fed an OSS project 14 years ago.  It followed me home and I've been keeping it on life support since that time.  OSS is great know this about small or slow moving projects:
"if you feed it, you may own it" We needed a patch for a project back in 2004. The original author wasn't interested in the project any more. I became a contributor and pushed out that release and 10 more with ever slowing rate of change.  The last release was mid 2015.

You would think the project was dead, given that the last release: migrated to Windows 7 APIs, added mostly stable 64 bit support, compiled against java 6 and used Visual Studio 2013 for the MS integration. Soruceforge dropped the project version control system, CVS, two years aglo.

Two folks recently submitted a couple new fixes. A quick site check showed the project still has over 900 downloads per week! That was a surprise.

That compelled me to put the paddles to the project one more time and do anothe…

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