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Docker on Azure PaaS - Tika Parser

Azure PaaS services are an example of how the cloud has raised the raised the bar in the commodity platform space. More functionality is baked into the platform and less has to be built by software developers and enterprises. The demonstration deploys a Tika Parser, Java Docker container running on each Azure Linux Docker PaaS services.  Sample Scripts Use these scripts to experiment with Java Linux deployments on Azure PaaS. All was done using the Amazon Command Line Interface running in BASH shell. Tested with Windows Git Bash. The CLI was used instead of the Azure Portal to get a feel for the automation capabilities. Note that Docker PaaS deployments may be slower than other serverless architectures. 
Scripts for each Azure PaaS serviceare on GitHub. https://github.com/freemansoft/docker-scripts/tree/master/tika azure-0-setup.sh : Log into Azure and select a subscriptionazure-1-create-resource.sh : Create Azure Resource Group and any service specific resource pool.azure-2-deploy-app…

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