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Seeing Hyper-V and Docker memory usage on Windows

This post explains how Hyper-V and Docker reserve memory on Windows machines that is outside of the normal process allocations.  It shows how you can see those reservations. Docker and Hyper-V Docker Desktop on Windows runs inside a Hyper-V virtual machine.  The virtual machine's memory is sized specified on the Memory setting in the Docker Control panel's Advanced tab.
That memory sizing maps directly to the Docker virtual machine's Assigned Memory value that is displayed in the Hyper V Manager Virtual Machines view. Hyper-V locks the virtual machine into memory by Drover Locking the VM's memory.  Memory used for VMs is partitioned away from the rest of the host's processes. Hyper-V guest memory does not appear in TaskManager because it is reserved outside of the normal process structures.
Memory allocation by type with RamMap Hyper-V virtual machine memory is allocated on the host and Driver Locked to keep it in memory and prevent usage by other Windows processe…

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