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Python multiprocessing.Pool improvement examples in Donor's Choice data

We're going to walk through a couple places where simple Python parallelization created big performance improvements using the Elasticsearch Donor's Choice prep scripts on GitHub .  This is a clone of the Elasticsearch GitHub repository of the same name.My rule of thumb for this particular processing section was that I would only move to parallel execution if execution time was reduced within 80% of the number of extra processors. So with 8 cores I wanted to get at least 6 times performance.Python Multiprocessing Parallel ExecutionPython is essentially single threaded in many situations.  Thread based parallelization is pretty much only useful for I/O bound situations like web requests where the threads are idle most of the time. Compute bound parallel execution is usually multi-processor with work being fed off to essentially different programs.   Each processing unit in multi-processing parallel execution runs in its own address space.  Data must be copied to the worker proce…

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