Tether Kali Linux to iPhone over USB

Tethering Kali Linux to your iPhone is very easy.  You can do this either via wifi or via a USB connection.  The USB connection has the advantage of charging the phone while using it. There may be security disadvantages.


  1. Enable your hot spot on the iPhone. Settings -> Personal Hotspot
  2. Plug your iPhone USB/Lightning cable into your laptop
  3. Select  Trust  when your iPhone offers the  Trust this Computer?  dialog.

Verify the connection

Method 1

Look at the iPhone.  You should  see the message  Personal Message: 1 Hotspot  at the top of the iPhone screen.

Method 2

Open the Settings Application
Select the Network panel
Verify  USB Ethernet  is Connected

Method 3

You should see the network connection icon in the upper left corner
 in place of the wireless icon. 

Click on that to see that USB Ethernet is Connected


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