Backup the drivers when installing Windows 10 on a Winbook TW100

Yes, you can install Windows 10 on a Winbook TW100 or other BayTrail tablet.  There are postings on the Microcenter support web site where folks describe how to to this on other WinBook tablets like the tw700. I have only a couple minor things to add.
  1. The tablet has a 64 bit processor and a 32 bit BIOS/EFI.  Use the 32 bit Windows 10 ISO available from Microsoft. Windows 10 32 bit ISOs became available in January 2015. It only has 2GB of memory so a 32 bit OS is fine. I installed the enterprise version.  The standard version didn't work for me but it was probably pilot error
  2. Build a restore medea or backup the TW100 driver directory using one of the available tools. It would be best to build a restore media instead of backing up the drivers. This would let you go back to Windows 8.  I was unable to do this with any of my flash drives. I instead used a tool off of sourceforge to back up the drivers. I now Windows 10+ forever.
  3. Make a copy of in C:\Windows\inf.  Driver tools will not backup this file. This file is critical to getting the digitizer to work.
  4. Create a bootable flash image using the ISO Rufus based the guidance in the forums.
  5. Install Windows 10 per the forum instructions.
  6. Use Device Manager control panel to Update missing device drivers from your backup.
  7. Restart (again).
This zip file includes and should include drivers you need.


  • The tablet will ask for the three finger salute or a power+win-key press to unlock the device if it has gone to sleep when plugged in. I've never been able to get any combination to work in this situation and often just reboot.
    1. There is only one power plan "Balanced" with the March 2015 Windows 10 pre-release build.  The battery only lasts a day with this plan.
    2. I've turned off screen locker by changing one of the Interactive Login group policies. This makes the device act like a normal tablet and lets avoid the ctrl-alt-del screen


    1. A very big thank you to you good sir! This saved me from having to either buy a second tablet as a donor machine or just scrapping the one I have. That file is a real trickster and will cause a whole mess of trouble without it.

      Also, my apologies if I re-commented. The last time I posted I think it got lost in a shuffle somewhere.


      2. Joe, I wanted to THANK YOU for your post on the Winbook TW100. Since an upgrade on Windows 10, I haven't been able to get the touchscreen to work. I even contact MicroCenter and they emailed me current drivers, but nothing! Read and tried all the posts in their forum, but nothing. I was about ready to sell the unit for parts until I stumbled upon your post. I downloaded your drivers and did an update on the touchscreen drivers - and it WORKED!! Yes, you are an angel!! My only other issue is when I do a reboot, the screen is upside down. I have to turn off computer then restart to get it to display right side up. Very strange! Do you know what could be causing this? Thanks again!!

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    3. Thanks for sharing your experiences and guide. I've been able to get win10 running - pretty well.

      FYI - build 10061 is out (fast ring) and it has a nifty little Battery Saver mode. Seemed to help a lot.

      Question - Were you able to get the Intel Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework stuff to install?

      I'm showing 6 "unknown devices" and when I try to install them DM says there is a missing file. I tried your driver backup, and created my own from another TW100 I have. Cannot get those to install. I understand there is a specific order they need to be installed so that may be my issue.


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    5. UPDATE: This WinBook TW100 Tablet runs FULLY functioning with 100% compatibility going through the final Windows 10 Build. You need to run the tool from Microsoft to download the OS. This tablet runs the 32-bit version and you will be getting Windows 10 Home coming from 8.1 with Bing.

      There is no reason to do these extra steps like the article states.

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    10. Hey
      Check out this video of tw700 running windows 10 very smoothly


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