Sometimes your first impressions are correct

Sometimes you run across interesting outfits when interviewing or working with other organizations.

You know you should slide away from an opportunity when...

You think in the interview:
"If these guys were an airline..."
"The countryside would be littered with flaming wreckage."
An interviewer describes their new approach and conversation goes something like:
Interviewer: We're moving more of our software development off shore.
You: That doesn't improve success rate if you don't change the way you do other things.
Interviewer: Yes, but our failures will cost less

They may not be as Agile as they think they are when

They describe their agile SCRUM process:
"They have one 3 month sprint per release"
"They made the managers the SCRUM managers since they assign work anyway" 

It may not be the technical opportunity they described...

The senior architect interview includes:
Writing Tower of Hanoi pseudo code in front of 1/2 a dozen people while they critique your algorithm.
The company talks about how big their projects are when:
Their automated builds take under 5 minutes.

I have been lucky with my customers and employers.  



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