My laptop powers down after a few hours even though I told it to sleep

I've been struggling with my Dell laptop running Windows 10.  The machine seems to shutdown overnight or after a few hours even when it's plugged in.

It turns out my machine is hibernating which doesn't actually work right on my machine.  My temporary fix is to extend the Hibernate after value to 5 days, 7200 minutes I used this forum posting as a guide.

Default Power Options values for Balanced profile


  1. Press the Windows Start key or the Start menu button
  2.  Enter "power and sleep" and press Enter
  3. Click on Additional power settings
  4. Click on Change plan settings for the selected plan
  5. Click on Change when the Computer sleeps
  6. Click Change Advanced Settings
  7. Expand Sleep (click on +)
  8. Expand Hibernate after
  9. Change the  Plugged in: value to 7200 min
  10. Click the Apply button


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