Moving From a Public Cloud into a Data Center is Like

The public cloud has its' own issues around access, security and the patterns they use. You don't realize how minor they are until you move back to a data center or leased private cloud. 
Sample Cloud Provider services vs Storage and Compute in data center

Moving from a Public Cloud to a Data Center is like...

Flying commuter prop plane for a long trip

Most of your luggage got left on the tarmac because it weighed too much. Everything takes longer and involves a lot more noise.

Moving back into your parents place

You are forced to squeeze into the clothes you wore in high school and have to sleep in the skinny bed. You have a curfew. 

Having a laptop with no battery

You have no flexibility in how or where you work with all the constraints of a laptop screen.

Moving from a 65" 4K to 25" 720k

It has no remote so you have to get up and change the channel at the set. 

Being banished to sleep in the shed out back

It sort of feels like home. There is no air conditioning and an extension cord for power.  Internet connectivity is wi-fi only. 


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