< rant > When your audience recognizes markup in your speech patterns < /rant >

It is probably weird 

There are times when I'll put markup like comments in my speech in video conferences.

Does anyone else do this? 

I'll say something like

A whole bunch of stuff
"end rant"

as a kind of sidebar markup on what I'm saying.

Another example would be something like

"Architect on"
Then a bunch of comments on naming conventions and design patterns.
"Architect off"

telling people which metaphorical hat I'm wearing when I'm talking given that I/we play different roles in different situations.

Yeah, it is weird. 

The other day I said

A bunch of comments on the System Architect's role in SAFE

This is obviously a play on HTML/SGML markup.

Later one of the managers asked

Was that a nerd reference and what does it mean that I understand it?

Yup, it was a nerd reference and I liked them, even more, knowing they were paying attention and asked.








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