My first 4 projects were complete failures. The next 4 were complete successes. I thought it was all me.

Failure and Success. Was it me?

Experiencing success and failure. The common denominator was me but maybe not the common cause.

  • My first 4 were failures.  
    • I thought I was the common denominator
    • I need to change industries
  • The next 4 were successes 
    • I thought the common denominator was me
    • I needed to go on stage and talk about my awesomeness
  • The next 4 were a mixed bag.  
    • I grew more discerning about when something would succeed or fail, usually because of political issues or snap-back.
    • I could help make it happen but wasn't in a position to do it by myself. So I just had to continue getting better.
  • Repeating success was hard
    • It depended on the org.
    • The same people might not succeed in a different setting or with a different environment.
  • The organizational appetite for change and success is the top-level function determining success.
    • You need to improve to contribute and tilt the playing field in your favor.

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