Saturday, March 29, 2014

Communicating with Ambient Orb via Serial Port

Pins on the back of ambient

Powered by PIC 18f242 CPU with 16K bytes ROM and 768 bytes RAM.

Physical Connection

pin 1 is on the left looking at it from the back

Pin 1 Vunreg - 11 volts DC from power transformer
Pin2 MCLR - used to reset device for programming. Leave unconnected
Pin 3 PGD - used for programming. Leave unconnected
Pin 4 PGC - used for programming. Leave unconnected
Pin 5 RS-232 RX (TTL level signal)
Pin 6 RS-232 TX (TTL level signal)
Pin 7 Ground

RS-232 Parameters

The serial port connects to the orb with the following fixed parameters:

  • 19200 Baud
  • 8 data bits
  • no parity
  • 1 stop bit
  • no flow control

Sample Script
  1. Install perl
  2. Install serial port library for perl with
    apt-get install libdevice-serialport-perl
  3. Download
  4. Change the tty port to match that created when you plugged in your USB-->serial cable.
Bluetooth Setup
Sparkfun BlueSmirf

connect with Hyperterm
+++ to go to command mode within 60 seconds of start
su,19 to set the serial port baud rate to 19200 for ambient device
sy,0004 for standard power 12db
sy,fff8 for 0db
o shows settings
gy shows current power
sn,<new name> to set the name
--- to leave command mode

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