Using authenticator applications with VIP 2FA protected sites

You can generate Syamtec VIP compatible 2FA tokens that can be loaded into standard TOTP based Authenticator applications like Microsoft Authenticator , Google Authenticator or FreeOTP.

You generate new tokens to be registered with the protected web site.  You cannot load existing tokens tokens because you do not have access to the token's secret seed.

See references below for the original 2014 work on this.


These steps are documented on the Docker Hub page for this docker image.
1. Pull Docker Image

    docker pull freemansoft/vipaccess

2. Generate token, example with SYMC prefix
    docker run freemansoft/vipaccess provision -p -t SYMC

3. Save the token URL and Symantec ID somewhere

4. Generate a QR code to be scanned by mobile application replacing the otpauth://... with the otpauth string from above.

    docker run --entrypoint "qrencode" freemansoft/vipaccess -t ANSI256 otpauth://...

5. Scan the QR code with your Authenticator application

Video Walkthrough

How vipaccess was deployed as an Image to Docker Hub


More than one Code in Symatec VIP mobile

VIP tokens are TOTP compatible. This means it is possible to add extra VIP tokens to the current (2/2020) Symatec mobile IOS/Android applications. Use the QR codes to add the extra tokens using the same process you would use for non VIP tokens 

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Created 2020 02 22


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