Azure Stack ASDK Hosts and Networks as 2020 February

This is the network setup for Azure Stack ASDK as of February 2020.  All of the Azure Stack VMs run on a single host using Storage Pool to host all the the VM disks. Note that the NAT gateway machine no longer exists.


Azure Stack ASDK installs these virtual machines.
  • AzS-ACS01
  • AzS-ADFS01
  • AzS-CA01
  • AzS-DC01
  • AzS-ERCS01
  • AzS-Gwy01
  • AzS-NC01
  • AzS-SLB01
  • AzS-SQL01
  • AzS-SRNG01
  • AzS-WAS01
  • AzS-WASP01
  • AzS-Xrp01


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