Recognizing Violent Agreement

Violent Agreement is something to look out for and point out when you see it.  It means good things are happening without everyone being aware.  Watching for violent agreement is on my shortlist of behaviors that I watch out for in myself and others.  Recognize it, acknowledge it, celebrate it and accelerate your efforts!

Violent Agreement is behavior that you can see in situations involving vigorous problem-solving.  Parties become so involved in the discussion that they do not realize they are essentially aligned or that the discussion has closed their differences.

The phrase popped into the mainstream in the mid-2000s.  I found these two definitions on an old linguist mailserve discussion
  1. to spend time arguing about a topic only to find that they actually agree but don't realize it because they're coming at the discussion from different viewpoints.
  2. a group who are all after the same goal but have totally different ideas how to get there, so that they agree about ends, but disagree about means.


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