Micro Clound Foundry V2 - PaaS with Stackato - Languages and Applications

Death Notice 

Stackato was sold to HP and rebranded as Helion. The entire Helion product line was killed in 2016

Previous blog article

A previous blog article described how to set up a developer micro PaaS using the Cloud Foundry based Stackato from ActiveState.  This article will describe some of the languages available in this environment.

Application Languages

Cloud Foundry and the Application Stackato clusters support the following languages "out of the box". You can use any of these languages in the Micro CloudFoundry instance we just configured
  1. Java, using the Tomcat server
  2. Node.js
  3. Perl
  4. PHP
  5. Python
  6. Ruby
.Net languages are supported through either the Mono runtime or integrated .Net support provided by Iron Foundry. Active State has several wiki/blog pages on this.

Other languages, including Clojure, can be added by importing Heroku BuildPacks.

Demo Apps

Stackato demo programs http://community.activestate.com/stackato/demos  Some are also available through the app store in the browser based command console.

Hopefully I'll put together another blog article with some demo deployments


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