Enhanced Remote Desktop Connection for Hyper-V with AnyConnect

Remote works often connect to remote desktops over Cisco AnyConnect VPN links.  Those remote connections secure the remote corporate network by forcing all network traffic over the VPN connection.  
You free up your computer to access the internet and other services by making your remote desktop connection from a Virtual Machine.  The cheapest way to do this on a Windows 10 machine is to run a Windows 10 guest inside Microsoft Hyper-V.  You connect to the guest machine via Remote Desktop.  This leaves you with two desktops, the host desktop which is still attached to the Internet and a guest desktop connected soly to the corporate hosts via the Cisco AnyConnect VPN connection.

Hyper-V Manager Remote Desktop

Hyper-V Manager supports two Remote Desktops.  
  • Enhanced: This is the new and improved connection model that supports larger screen sizes.  
    • AnyConnect can maintain connections while a user is connected to the VM viaEnhanced mode. 
    • AnyConnect cannot initiate connections while enhanced mode.
  • Basic: This is the older connection model that has a lower resolution limit for remote screens.  
    • AnyConnect can initiate VPN connections while you are using the Basic Desktop Protocol.
    • AnyConnect can maintain VPN connections while a user is connected in basic mode

Work around

  1. Boot your Hyper-V guest.
  2. Connect to the guest via Basic connection type from the Hyper-V Manager.
  3. Initiate the AnyConnect VPN connection to the remote network.
  4. Switch desktop connection type to Enhanced from the Hyper-V Manager tool bar.  
The VPN connection is be maintained across desktop connections


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