Using emojii for Yesterday, Today and Blockers on Slack and other channels

Slack and other messaging platforms are mainstream platforms in many companies.  They provide great asynchronous ways of detailing activity and issues so that people can stay up to date while preserving standups or other meetings for interactive troubleshooting and planning.

The teams I've been on have used Slack or other platforms to share Yesterday, Today, and, Blockers for the last 5 years.  I've given up my geezer opposition to emojis and fallen in with using them to signify the category for everything reported.  As an example:

Yesterday, Today, and Blockers the emoticon way


  • Yesterday's events that affect others or the backlog
👉Today's Activity
  • The main things we want to get done today

  • Things in my way that others can help with or that are holding us up

👊Thank you

  • Callout for someone's timely help or them taking an extra effort. 

Example for Joe's weekend

Joe for 2023/MM/DD
👈Worked on Advent of Code 2023
👈Created content for blog article on emoticons I mean emojis
👈Picked up stuff at the home supply store to calk
👈Loaded the new faster firmware for my 3d printer

👉Worked on Advent of Code 2023
👉3d Printed new holder for my coffee pods

✋Forgot the air filters at the home supply store
✋Can't figure out how to do an area fill calculation for AoC2023 without looking on the internet

👊 My spouse picked up my favorite snack

Not a good idea

All traffic is recorded and can be used by HR or Legal including those from other organizations who subpoena conversation histories. 



I had the middle finger here but Google Blogger filters the entire line out with that emoticon.


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