Avoid the Agile Grind - Iterative team leadership

Agile can really burn people out with a never ending stream of sprints or iterations.  One way to keep people fresh without breaking the team is to rotate different people though the lead roles on a Program Increment / Planning basis.  This gives people the opportunity to both reach and recharge.

Program Level

We had had great success on a project over a 2 year period where the tech lead / for the Program Incremented rotated between three people.  This meant they could each do technical work 2/3 of the time while driving a PI the other 1/3.  It also made it possible for them to do some pre-planning while not trying to manage the current PI.

Team Level

This can also be done on a per sprint basis for intra-team responsibilities.  Story Grooming or product/technical preparation roles can be rotated every sprint.


Don't Break the Team

This approach assumes that you can keep your teams together for some period of time and that you are not continually reorganizing.

Created 5/2020


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