Are gifs still cool? - Working across generations

I fought using memes and emoticons in work chats as work inappropriate.  Then I decided that might be a geezer opinion and went with it, on a limited scale. I used one the other day and then asked a question about whether they were still cool.  My team totally had my back on it. 👍

I heard GIFs were cool and then I heard they were for Millenials with a tone that said that Millenials are now considered old.
  • Am I supposed to use GIF? or not?
  • Are Millenials old?  If so compared to what?
  • Do I have to use Generational GIFs like ASCII art👴?

Someone put up a comment that we weren't ready for a new programing language because we had enough trouble with the one are already using. I put up GIF along with a comment about how the language we were using was changing so much that it was the same thing.


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