Being passionate about what you do and understanding what you can really get out of it

A broad range of behaviors and commitments happen when working beyond what you thought was possible, building a team with a passion, and building things bigger than yourself.  The best parts of that aren't what you build even though that is amazing. The best part is the experience gained and the relationships built with people you can't believe you get to work with.

Companies don't care about individuals and will push you out the door and find someone fresher without a thought. The company lives for the company. Billionaires live to be bigger billionaires. You have to protect your mind and your health. When you inevitably leave, you will take the experience, memories, and co-workers you hope to meet in future work lives.  

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When I love every day at work I think this:
  • "hard work"
  • "I'm one of the lucky people who loves what they do"
  • "creating things/work is a passion"
  • "Working with passion is the only way"
  • "I'm working with people who are interested"
  • "I hope I can hold up my part while working with amazing people"
  • “What can we do to make this better”
When I think of passion-draining gigs I think of this.
  • "40 hours a week"
  • "phoning it in"
  • "Faking it"
  • "Heads down"
  • "Meetings without end"
  • "No one can say yes"
  • “The team is doing the least possible to get credit”
When Musk says hard work I think this:
  • "feeding the billionaire instead of your soul”.
  • "sleeping on the floor in the office"
  • "abandoning your family"
  • "permanent death march to burnout"
I've worked at a range of places; the best were those where passion was rewarded and stuff was built.  It wasn't the place where people were insulted into commitment or quitting.


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