If Einstein can explain relativity then surely we can explain technical issues to product and business.

We, technicians, need to at least try and communicate with our non-technical partners. I loved this Renate-ism and want to make it sticky somewhere visible everywhere I work.
"If Einstein was able to explain the theory of relativity, then surely someone can give an explanation I can follow along with about a framework or technical feature"
Product people are smart. It is on us if we can't get communicate the value and function of something to others!  We are not creating anything more complicated than an entirely new branch of physics.

Einstein Quotes

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”

All Industries

I wrote this about software engineering and product owners but it applies to all industries.  There is nothing worse than a medical doctor who uses jargon in a way that you can't tell whether or not you have a real problem.


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Published 2023 02


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